Preston Folk Dance Club meet every week on a Monday evening from autumn to spring. During the summer months we do not meet for dancing but organise a programme of walks and visits to places of interest in the local area. We also organise dances throughout the year. 

No experience is necessary so don't worry about not knowing the different steps, there are plenty of people to help you. The caller will walk everybody through each dance first to make sure everybody knows what to do and then the music will start! The dances we do at our Club nights can be very varied. Some may be quite fast and lively, whilst others are slower and more elegant. Some dances were  written in the 1600' s whilst others are more modern and may even have been written by a club caller. 

We always welcome new dancers, so feel free to come along for a taster evening. You don't need a partner either, there are plenty of other members who come on their own.

Where do we meet?

Galloway Hall, Brackenbury Road, Preston, PR2 3BS.  

When do we meet?

Preston Folk Dance Club meet weekly for dancing from autumn to spring. We get together most Mondays (with a break in summer) and arrange several other dances throughout the year. See our Programme for more details. Generally we start dancing at 7.30 pm and break for a brew after an hour. Dancing then continues until 9.45 pm. 

Christmas Party Dance

Club Callers - Jeff, Doreen, Mac, Lynn, Bill

90th Birthday Dance 22nd March 2014

Programme - Add details of dates, callers and musicians to your own Google Calendar - Monday Dances finish at 9.45 pm